TeethXpress is a state-of-the art treatment to get new teeth, fast, and is only available through Certified TeethXpress Surgeons like Dr. Azghandi. During the procedure, 4 to 6 dental implants are surgically placed. A new set of teeth is then secured to the implants and don’t have to be removed like dentures.

TeethXpress is an advanced collaboration between Dr. Azghandi and his restorative colleagues providing all the steps from extractions to implant placements and insertion of a FUNCTIONAL TEETH in ONE DAY!

TeethXpress is synonymous with what other practices call All-on-4®, Teeth in One Day®, Full Arch Solutions®, etc. In fact all these brands provide the same solution to patients who want to minimize the time they have to spend in dental chairs by receiving their teeth the same day as their extractions.

Dr. Azghandi is a certified provider for TeethXpress and with the help of his skilled restorative as well as laboratory colleagues can bring the smile and function you deserve back to your life!

TeethXpress is one of the most life altering and highly appreciated procedures that Dr. Azghandi performs.

See the example below of a real patient to realize how TeethXpress could improve your life style:

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